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Jatò Cataratto


Jatò Cataratto

SKU: 0011
  • JATO Don Tomasi is made from Catarratto, an indigenous Sicilian grape. Its light straw yellow color, harmonious and elegant flavor, and well-expressed bouquet make it an indispensable companion for appetizers, fish, shellfish and white meats. It is recommended to be served at temperature of 12°C.

    Final Observations: Visibly brilliant, to the nose it is possible to perceive its delightful standing-out fragrance of fruit. An absolutely exciting and sensorial wine. On the palate, its richness of flavor and minerality are the strong points, it is also agreeable and easy to drink.


    • Classification: I.G.P. Terre Siciliane
    • Production area: Monreale
    • District: Pietralunga - Don Tomasi
    • Altimetry: 380 mt. S.l.m.
    • Yield of hectare: 90 ql./ha.
    • Kearing system: Guyot
    • Density system: 4.400 Plant for Hectare
    • Vintage time: Second half of September
    • Visual Examination: brilliant, straw yellow with greenish highlights, smooth.
    • Olfactory Examination: pervasive, highly lingering, refined, agreeable, fresh, aromatic.
    • Gustatory Examination: sweetish, restrained, slightly acidulous, savoury, fresh, young, well-balanced, lingering, mineral, elegant and harmonious.
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